Monday, February 17, 2014

My Butterfly

My Butterfly,
I remember the day,
You bumped into me.
Well, sort of floated,
Appeared out of thin air, apparently.

My Butterfly,
You laughed, and whispered in my ear,
'I picked you out,
And just floated down,
And landed on your shoulder.'

My Butterfly,
You are beautiful and graceful,
Varied and enchanting, small but approachable.
You are my little miss sunshine,
Leading me to the sunny side of life.

My Butterfly,
With you, I floated,
Through the wonders of the world.
I wish we could share the joy we found,
With everyone living on earth.

My Butterfly,
I gifted you, fractal flowers and plasma trees.
And now I present you a beautiful meadow,
Where you can sip the nectar of life,
From the sunflowers, violets and white lilies.

My Butterfly,
Sometimes I stumble,
I fall, and you tumble alongside.
But, I promise you, I'll rise, and pick you up,
And protect you my entire life.

My Butterfly,
You taught me love and happiness,
Goes where it pleases, pleases wherever it goes.
When pursued, is beyond the grasp,
But if we sit still, might alight upon us.

My Butterfly,
Now your wings are strong, you can soar high.
I'll be lying on the grass, waiting, wondering,
My life would have been incomplete,
Without you, my love, my butterfly.

- Ankit M.

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