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The Spellbinders: Chapter 7 – Relationships

Team: The Spellbinders

We are a team called The Spellbinders. We are collaborating and writing a story for the Blogadda challenge “Game of Blogs”.
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We were strolling along the edge of the backwaters of the Kovalam beach, a mile long crescent shaped paradise. This white sandy beach offered an endless sight of coconut trees. The atmosphere was sensual and our souls were longing for freedom from conventional restraints.

An old Vizhinjam Lighthouse was eerily standing on a rocky promontory. Its intermittent beams was rendering the beach with an unearthly charm. With this high rock promontory and a calm bay of blue water, this beach paradise created a unique aquarelle on such a moonlit night.

Her long flowing sundress,
Hair floating with the breeze,
Shimmering light falling on her dusky skin,
She was glowing like an angel, or was it like Madam Dracula, considering her taste for black lipstick?

She was not like other women, soft and angelic.  This girl had a bite.  And Cyrus discovered he had a taste for the unconventional.  He wanted to experience the bite. 

Jennifer, his chance meeting with her had been brief and full of promise.  He wanted to explore more.  Would he ever meet her again. 

He stirred restlessly and went back into the dream …

And lingered on the butterfly tattoo on her right arm. He bent down to kiss the arm and she turned, those kohl smudged eyes naughty.  Will she kiss me, he thought.  She smiled and bent her face, her expression giddy, mischievous, and seductive all at the same time.

Oh my God, I am in love ...

“Bhaiya, Uthiye!”
“Wake up Cyrus Bhaiya! Our plane has landed.”
Cyrus woke up with a start.  Little Roohi was standing on his lap.

“Roohi get down now. The plane is about to land in Mumbai, buckle your seat belt beta.” – Tara grabbed the little girl, gave her a hug, holding her close to her heart. She was still scared, protective, the momentary pang of nearly losing her daughter fresh on her mind. She would never let it happen again.

Roohi held Cyrus’ hand while they were checking out of the airport. She felt that finally she’d found an elder brother to look after her, to give her company.

“Cyrus, why don’t you come to our place? I’ll introduce you to my husband and we can have dinner together.” asked Tara.
 “Sorry Ma’am, but I have to attend a wedding tonight otherwise my dad would be furious.”
Tara shivered thinking about Darius.
She was tempted for a moment to tell Cyrus about the bond they shared.
She shook her head.  No. Not yet.  May be never.

“Here’s my card. I’ll come and meet you, li’l champ, someday.” Cyrus handed over his card to Roohi who tucked it safely in the little purse she carried.

He smiled as he saw the careful way she put the card away.  He ruffled her curls and said, “Okay. Now I have to leave. My driver is waiting. See ya. Bye.”

Tara gave him a tight hug. “Thank you for saving my daughter’s life. She is the most precious thing I have got.”
“Maam, you are lucky to have a loving family.”
Cyrus bid farewell and walked away, wearing his earplugs.
Tara smiled.  One day Roohi would be older and she would do the same.  She stood there watching him walk towards the exit until he got lost in the crowd.

Someone tapped her shoulder.
She turned.
“Shekhar!” Tara turned pale.  She was surprised to see him at the airport.  He normally forgot to pick her up.

Shekhar had a furious look in his eyes. Tara, completely unaware that she was the cause of his annoyance began to tell him about the entire event.  “You know in Jaipur this young man …”

“Just stop it Tara. Enough is enough.” He shouted at the top of his voice uncaring about the scene he was creating.  “At least you should have been careful not to carry on in Roohi’s presence.”

The fight lasted all the way home.  Once they reached the flat, Tara walked into the bedroom and locked the door.  Shekhar sat down at the desk and stared at the computer.
Roohi stared at the locked door and then at Shekhar’s face, grim in the light which the computer screen emitted. 

Roohi sadly went into her tiny room and curled up in bed.  She hated to be back home.  No one loved her.  Maybe she was the cause of all that fight. 
She loved her parents.  Maybe if she went away, they would be happy.
Maybe …


Cyrus went home unaware of the strife his presence had caused in Tara’s family.  They had a beachfront property, nothing but the best for his father.  The huge house was empty.  He was used to being alone, that did not bother him.  He went to his room where the card stood prominently on the table, with a short note from his father, “9 pm, in your best suit.  Don’t be late.  My secretary will send you the gift.”

Yes Boss, he thought with a wry smile.

The Bawa family seemed to be important to his dad, he briefly wondered why.  Then he dismissed the thought.   He did not want to know.  It was best not to know, that way he could live his life without getting involved in DD’s plans.

He got into bed and slept.

Consequently he reached the wedding around 10 pm.  The party was in full swing.  The hall was tastefully decorated.  The tables laden with food and waiters were circling around, with trays of alcohol.

He walked to the stage, handed over the gift and picked up a glass of white wine and found himself a chair at an empty table.  Normally he timed his presence well.  Two glasses of wine, a small snack, three photos for the wedding album and he could leave.

He took a sip and was pleasantly surprised.  The wine was excellent, just the right degree of coolness and it was dry.  The way he liked his wine.  May be he could stay for a third glass.  In a slightly better frame of mind he looked up and saw svelte figure drawing close to him.

“Hi” – she said softly.
He looked up. He could not recognize the woman but the eyes seemed familiar.
“Yes?” he said.
“We met at Kochi,” she said with a smile.
The smile was very familiar.
“Jenny!  Jenny with the black dry blood lips!  Jenny the vampire girl,” he said with a laugh.
“I don’t have fangs,” she said, with a chuckle.
“They would look good on you,” he said.  His evening had just gone from boring to excellent.

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