Saturday, November 24, 2012

Strolling down the memory lane

May 2010, Hall 5, Kanpur

I am lying half-naked on my hostel bed. It's just another sweltering summer day.
Exams are over and there is ample time to kick-start my SnT Summer Project. I have no clue how would I go about it. But more than that what is bothering me is an year I had spent in this place. Met some cool guys, some strange; mostly with spectacles, but not even a single one who could replace the Tanki ke topes from my life. 
I unfolded a torn sheet of paper, having equations scribbled all over it. 
Took a picture of it. Posted it on Facebook. Tagged them.
And then silently slipped down the memory lane.

January 2009, Prerna Towers, Jamshedpur

"Abey JD humko corner wala seat mein aaj baithna hai." 
"Kahe bey? Hum nahi hatenge. Humko Raj ke saath baithana hai. Tum bahut KC karta hai. Doosare taraf jao."
Panda, Raj, Ra'ul and Adi started laughing, each one giving JD a high-five.
"Tumlog kis baat pe hass rahe ho? Did I miss anything?" - Manoj
"Nahi rey Manoj, tum continue karo. JEE aane wala hai aur tumko Osama ke saath baithkar RMO ka sawaal banane se fursat mile tab na."
 And again we started laughing.
JD turned his head to the right.
Saw something. 
Turned back with an increase in excitement with decreasing theta.
"Oo Mato, ab samjhe. Beta mere us taraf purple jacket mein baithi hui hai woh ladki is liye tumko baithana hai. Kya naam hai bey uska?"
"Kaun ladki! Kaun Ladki!" - Raj 
"Woh dekh woh jo purple jacket mein hai." - JD
"Abey woh purple nahi pink hai. Uska naam kya tha? Humko yaad nahi aa raha hai" - Raj
"Advaita" - I interrupted.
"Abey bahut patli hai woh." - JD
"Aur tum bahut mota hai mota." I quickly replied.
Another round of laughter, after which Adi went back to his usual activity of sharing sms with some chick from his school. 

Saurabh Sir entered the classroom. The classroom automatically silenced. Except Namrata who was still chattering with some Loyolean folks four rows back. He projected the first set of questions.
"Yaar aaj phir khali sum banayenge humlog." I mumbled.
"Yup." - Raj was already occupied with the first question finding the number of diagonals of the polygon whose no three diagonals were concurrent and the total number of points of intersection of diagonals interior to the polygon was 70.

By the time the class ended we had already solved 4 such sets with the fifth one bestowed upon us as homework. People started pouring out of the class.
"Yaar, yeh set toh solve nahi hoga merese." - I remarked
"Ho jayega bey. Arihant mein aisa ek do sawaal hum dekhe hai. Aaj raat ko karne baithenge. Yaar Inorganic chemistry bhi padhna hai. BK Pandey physical chemistry karata raha pura 2 saal aur Mishra ji toh Mr.G naam ka character ke peeche haath dhokar padh gaye Organic padhate samay."
We all agreed with what Ra'ul said.

"Haan laundo toh jaisa ki aaj decide hua tha. Class khatam hone ke baad Raj chalo mereko Simple Harmonic Motion padhao. Kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai. Phase.. velocity .. frequency .. jo toh ho raha hai."
I took out my notebook and tore a sheet.
Adi and Ra'ul joined me," Humlog ko bhi SHM samajhna hai. Concept clear nahi hai."
"Abey SHM asaan hai yaar. Rotation jyada mushkil hai." - Manoj
Osama nodded his head in agreement.
"Abey, batoli mat do tum dono. Mera madad karo tab inlog ko padhane mein." - Raj
Half an hour passed and we continued scribbling on that sheet unearthing SHM spring-by-spring.
"Oye woh relative velocity leke jo sum banate hai woh samjha na."
"Yaar woh toh mera bhi clear nahi hai." - Raj
"Abey humko aata hai woh accha se. Us samay hum SMS nahi kar rahe the aur sir jo bole humko samajh aa raha tha kuch kuch." - Adi
So the role was reversed. Sheet turned. And the concepts started pouring it yet again.
Half an hour passed even faster this time.
"Toh sabka concept clear ho gaya hai." - Adi
"Haan bhai aaj toh maja aa gaya. SHM ka feel aa gaya. Ab toh SHM padhne ka bhi jaroorat nahi." I was over-excited.
"Itna jyada confidence nahi hota agar tum FITJEE ka AITS ka SHM wala sawaal dekh lete toh. Dekho is saal JEE mein kya poochta hai SHM se." - Manoj
"Hmm.. ab toh exams aane wala hai. Kaafi masti kar liye humlog. Pata nahi aage kaun kahan hoga. Naya groups ban jayega sabka. Mil bhi payenge ki nahi. Kisko kaun yaad rakhega. Sab apne apne life mein busy ho jayenge."

November 2012, Hall 1, Kanpur

I am lying double-coated on my hostel bed. It's just another cold winter day.
The penultimate semester just got over a few days back.
My eyes fell on the black purse lying in one corner of my desk.
I picked it up. Pulled out something tucked behind the coin pocket.

I unfolded a torn sheet of paper, having equations scribbled all over it. 
I silently smiled.
"I was so wrong. You guys are irreplaceable," I said in a muffled voice.

Took a picture of the other side. Posted it on Facebook. Tagged them.


  1. Wow! That was a beautiful post. I loved the scribbling, miss my school days & friends after reading it. Thanks for sharing all the lovely moments with us friend :) Hope you get to meet all those good friends of yours. I always envy guys because they take friendship so seriously unlike us girls(we do but not as far as the whole gang is concerned, just the chosen one's). All the best, take care!

  2. Reminded me of my school days.... lovely post :)

  3. Aww such a lovely school talks... School life was a bliss... there could be no other place like school...your post unfolded everything in front of my eyes... Loved it :)

  4. Facebook is such a blessing, isn't it? In our days, we didn't have our generation lost all our friends...:((
    Very unique post, indeed!

  5. @Tanya, Me, Ayushi, Panchali Thankx a lot :)

  6. Awesome post.. reminded me of my good old student life :)

  7. Its a perfect dialogue and it was fun goin thru it, although I am not an Engineering student, still, got a fair idea what would my friends n brother have experienced.. Good work!!

  8. Well, it took my a while to get through all the Hindi dialogue, but this is really well written!

  9. cherish the past,love the present and welcome future..Best wishes..God love u

  10. very well written. Liked it :)


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