Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ashwin Sanghi - 'The Krishna Key'

Two months back I read the preview chapters of 'The Krishna Key'.

I wasn't excited.
Neither gripped.
Neither shaken,
Nor surprised.

All I knew was that a wave was on its way, ready to engulf me. Each day longing to grab a copy of this book. Little did I know those preview chapters were just the shore-line, beyond it lay, a vast ocean ready to be explored.

My review is divided into two parts. It is so as to give you the best perspective and analysis. I recommend you to read the part to which you belong.

If 'The Krishna Key' happens to be the first book of this author you are about to read

This is the third book by Ashwin Sanghi. His previous two books 'The Rozabal Line' and 'Chanakya's Chant'   had bowled me over completely. His writing style can be correlated to 'Time Travelling'. The author keeps juggling you back and forth in time. At one instance you are in the battlefield, a few pages later you will find yourself in a lecture room, then you are back again in a kingdom. This style has inspired me a lot and this is one of the reasons which make this book a page turner.

Believe me, it is a page turner. I am a voracious reader and it took me just 9 hours to complete the entire book (464 pages of content). I was so busy flipping pages that I skipped my dinner.

To begin with, the essence of the book is a single mythological character 'Krishna'. You realize it as soon as you progress. A fast paced thriller is based on exploring certain facts : 
Was the eight avatar of Vishnu really a myth ? 
The history we know is it truly true ?
Mahabharata : Is it just an epic to pass down values through generations or the events actually took place ?  
What about kalki and the divine 'brahmastra' ?
And several other questions which will ponder in you mind even after you complete the saga.

Sounds boring, huh.
Nope it isn't.
After all you are not reading a book on mythology. It is a thriller.

The entire event is triggered by a serial killer who takes you on a journey, slowly uncovering his secret.
A historian Ravi Mohan Saini is caught in between the web of murders of his associates.
Priya is a PhD student under Saini who is willing to go to any extent to help him out.
Radhika , an ideal cop who takes up this case.
Few more characters[ including an IITian Nuclear Physicist :) ] and a dark secret which finally ends with some soul searching.

Filled with scientific correlations. Lots of illustrations.
A time comes when you encounter a sudden twist, midway (around page 233). 
Pairon ke neeche se zameen hi khisak jayegi!

It is a true delight to read.Go grab your copy today !

Continue reading if you have already gone through other works of Ashwin Sanghi
I am a die hard fan of his previous work 'Chanakya's Chant'. 
'The Rozabal Line' has the best time traversing narration style I have ever come across.
'Key' is good, but surely not his best work. After reading the 'Chant' I had enormous expectations from the author. He drew correlations back and forth, but they were too scientific and at times drag. Somehow I felt that a human touch was missing as it was evident in the 'Chant'. It was great to see his cool trademark crypts like 'La Sara Kali' of Rozabal. The conclusion seemed to be open ended, maybe intentional, leaving a future scope to build over it. But, after reading 'Chant' I surely expected a better ending. 
Anyways it was an awesome read ! 

-Blogged after reading 'The Krishna Key' the second time. Do put your feedback below :)
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