Friday, October 24, 2014

Shell-FOM CSER (Computational Sciences for Energy Research) PhD 75 Programme 2014-15 [Part 3]

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Round 2: Technical PPT + Telephonic interview

Around 3000 applications were submitted and 200 were shortlisted for this round.

If successful at the initial screening stage and on the basis of your Technical presentation which you submitted, candidates will be invited for an interview. This will be a telephonic interview. A Shell assessor or trained business manager will conduct the interview.

The interview and all stages of assessment will focus on Capacity, Achievement, Relationship Building Skills and a Technical assessment which is carried out at the final assessment stage, Shell use the acronym CART to represent these qualities.

Within the inital interview only C, A and R are assessed. Achievement and Relationship Building skills are assessed via standard interview questions: "Can you given me an example of a time when...?"

You cannot prepare for this element and it is actually counter-productive to try to do so since the assessment measures the candidate’s ability to think on their feet, undertake analysis, demonstrate commercial awareness and operate with an unfamiliar topic.

It was split in three parts.

Part 1
A couple of general questions about your career preference, why you opted for this programme?

Part 2 – Competency/Capacity Questions (Technical PPT)
The main questions were followed by a variety of probing questions aimed at finding out specific things you did in your Thesis/Project you submitted for their evaluation. The probing questions tried to capture the usual Situation -> Task -> Action -> Result or Context -> Action -> Result. Make sure you know your stuff inside out plus what you would change wrt to your actions and what you learned about yourself.

Part 3
Questions for the interviewer

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