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3047 AD : Troy

3032 AD
"Whoa! Robert we did it, it’s amazing we made a profound discovery in our solar system. It truly does give a deep insight into science," said Kurt the administrator of Space-X.
Robert was the deputy administrator of this private firm which had advanced miles ahead in the field of space research compared to NASA and other government organisations. Just a few hundred years Space-X had made Mars habitable for Human settlement by inducing climatic conditions similar to that of Earth. 
"Yes we did it. It’s a combined effort of our team, without them we never would have found that wormhole." said Robert.
"Yes, and to think that there would be a wormhole between the planet Mars and the asteroid belt is truly astounding" said Kurt.
"Kurt you know how eager I am to discover new colonies of life outside earth and get to know their culture and existence and I truly believe this opportunity could be used to the fullest and explore the unexplored. We are lucky that this is a traversable wormhole and space travel could be done through it." Robert asked Kurt with extreme delight in his eyes.
"A wonderful opportunity indeed." Kurt replied. "Considering that and the fact that it is impossible for life travel to take place through that wormhole we must make a satellite which could send radio waves through the worm hole."

3035 AD
"Pandora 619 is is ready for the launch Robert," Kurt said cheerfully.
"Let's begin the countdown."

3045 AD
"Kurt, there is a serious problem at hand, the connection with Pandora 619 is cut and cannot be re-established."
"It’s alright, we covered most of the part of planet Redik through Pandora 619, we will find an alternate solution and even inform the situation to the Garganians who have their planet Gargan near the satellite. Maybe they could help us as they have been helping us by lending their technological marvels over the past few years since we made our first contact." said Kurt filled with hope.

3047 AD
"Kurt, sorry to disturb you at this moment but our watch-station 4 has just sent an emergency message, it says that an unidentified object is heading towards Earth. I’ve even contacted Gargans, but they denied it being theirs. It is approximately 5 days away from earth." said Robert confused.
"All right I will look into the matter." Kurt said calmly.

The following day Kurt seemed to be rejoicing.
"Cheers! I am very happy that Pandora 619 is returned. We could possibly use it to test Redik's soil samples. I even asked the watch-station to conduct an X-ray scan of Pandora 619 but it seems there is no danger."

That night Kurt returned back to his home overlooking the Martian Delta. Suri, his daughter, was eagerly waiting for her dad.
"Dad, look what I found while I was browsing the SMAI today. On Earth there was a lost city of Atlantis which was discovered 500 years ago. It was created by the survivors of Troy who wanted to live at peace after its destruction because of the Trojan Horse." Suri paused. "Dad what is a Trojan Horse?"

"My girl, the Trojan Horse was a way of deception used by the Greeks who wanted to win against Troy in a war. The Greeks hid in the wooden horse and the army of Troy thought of it to be the gift of victory and took it inside. When inside at night the Greeks crept out and called in reinforcements and slaughtered the army of Troy. This was the Trojan Horse," said Kurt thoughtfully.

"Dad, this is cheating." Suri was sad.
Kurt then began to contemplate.
He then stomped his foot and quickly headed towards the Space-X office and called Carter the man in-charge at watch-station 4.
"Carter, its me Kurt, sorry to disturb you at this time of the night, but could you tell me how far is Pandora 619?"
"3 days sir," replied Carter.
"Could you please take an electron beam scan of Pandora 619?"
"Right away sir."

The next day Kurt was holding the reports. He was puzzled.
Holding the reports in his hand Kurt called the Extra Terrestrial Space Force Captain Norman Scruze.
"Norman I want Pandora 619 to be exterminated immediately. And please make sure it is done as soon as possible" Kurt said.
"Sure sir" Norman replied.
After 13 hours the the whole sky is blinded by a white light.
Kurt arrived to the unit and smiled at his staff. Everyone including Robert were stupefied by this phenomenon.
"I am glad the report saved us Kurt." - Robert remarked.
"It didn't, Robert. The reports were negative. The Garganians sent back the satellite Pandora 619 with loads of anti-matter which if it would have made contact with any planet would have lead to total annihilation. These reports provide us the proof that our technology is still far inferior. We need to figure out their future plans. They are nothing less than demi-gods who are gearing up for a war. This was just their Trojan Horse."


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  2. @soumya Thankx and definitely I'll write more on it :)


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