Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fountainhead

If you have the passion for pure creation,
and the urge to drive the wheel of mankind ahead,
they say :
you are arrogant,
you are not listening to the masses,
you are an egotist.

But these so called second-handers do not realise that one man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress!

The Fountainhead revolves around this idea and is divided into four parts based on its four primary characters, unfolding them in great detail:
>Peter Keating
>Ellsworth Mokoton Toohey
>Gail Wynand
>Howard Roark

From the very beginning it is quite evident that Toohey and Roark are in a conflict. Toohey, a highly influential person believes in driving the masses in any direction he deems fit. He idolises Keating, a mediocre architect, as the face of modern architecture so as to stop Roark, the real face. Soon this egoistic battle enters the courtroom and you witness one of the most remarkable dialogues. An urealistic tale, yet so realistic.

A must read if you think :
you are a creator,
you are an innovator,
you are the fountainhead of human progress.  

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