Monday, October 1, 2012

Love, Strategy & Antaragni - Prologue

Prof. Ramkumar entered L9.
A handful of students populated the classroom.

"Hey guys where are your friends?"
"Sir .... "

"Oh I forgot. Antaragni will start in just a few hours. Your friends might be busy with it."

What he said was so true.
Rajat was busy with hospitality,
Kashif with security,
Kaithal with informals,
Yasho with Photography,
Saxena practicing dance,
And my dear friend Subhojit was busy doing, 
what he does best - relishing a nice afternoon nap in his room, because he knew it very well that he won't be able to find peace once his chick arrives within a couple of hours.

He continued with the lesson on Sheet Metal Forming.
After forty minutes.
"Ok guys, I'll let you off early today. Enjoy Antaragni."

He started erasing the board-work. 
By the time he had finished, and he turned, 
the room was already deserted.

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