Sunday, October 28, 2012

Internship Hunt - The Best thing in life is .. [Schlumberger]

'The Best thing in life is                   ' - The lady chalked it on the board.
Looked at us. Then glanced at her watch.
"We will begin in 2 minutes. The total duration of the GD is 10 minutes."

All seven faces - Rajat, Santosh, Ganvir, Hunaid, Ankita and 2 folks from Chemical Dept., were blank. Obviously I wasn't an exception. The two other panelists present occupied a corner each and were seated there as if they were in stealth mode.

We had heard from our seniors that Schlumberger's GD(Group Discussion) topics are weird, but this one was surely a step ahead.

I took deep breath and started scribbling on my A4 sheet.
'The Best thing in life is .. hmm ..' - I thought.
Food  [I was feeling hungry at that moment.]
Free  [Read somewhere : The best thing in life is free.]

By the time I wrote this on the paper, Ganvir started.
"Good-evening friends; we are here to discuss, reach a conclusion and fill that blank present in our topic. We can begin by listing the best things in life one by one, and then reach a unanimous decision on what is the best thing among them. So according to me the best thing in life is - Music. It is very soothing and it relaxes our mind in our busy day to day lives. There is music even in the silence of night and that is pure bliss."
"What about heavy metal? That is not at all soothing." - Interrupted Hunaid.
"That depends on the person. Maybe for that person heavy metal might take him into a transcendental state. It is anyways serving the purpose."
"What about the guy who lives next door? It surely turns out to be the worst thing for him." - added Santosh humorously.
I smirked.
Ganvir was tensed, figuring out how to defend himself.

Hunaid continued - "Friends according to me the best thing in life is - Dream. One's dream often portrays one's ambition. It gives us a reason to look forward in life and work hard to achieve it. Nothing can parallel the feeling of achieving one's dream. It surely is the best thing."
The panelists looked pretty impressed.

"Also at times listening to some types of music motivates us and helps us get over our difficulties. Whenever I feel low I listen to music which helps me a lot." - Ganvir finally gave a tiny smile as he had successfully diverted Santosh's question drawing some inspiration from Hunaid's point.

The guy from Chemical continued - "According to me the best thing in life is free."
Hunaid interrupted again - "My friend I have read the phrase and it says - The best things in life are free, but we have to decide what is the best thing in life - 'is - singular'."
The guy didn't continue.

Ganvir pointed out Rajat who was trying to say something but was overshadowed all this time- "I think my friend wants to say something. We should lend our ears to what he wants to add."
Rajat shrugged, he smiled, and then he said innocently -"Love".
We all burst into laughter. Obviously he had a love story and he wanted to share his lovely experience, but was too scared to utter another word to prevent himself from being mocked any further.
Ankita came to his rescue - "I agree with Rajat and according to me falling in love is definitely the best thing in life. A complete stranger becomes the most-trustworthy person in your life. Hearing your loved one's voice simply makes your day. Your heart skips a beat when you meet that person. Love surely is the best sensation and the best thing in life."

I gave Hunaid a peculiar glance which meant -
"Ladki sundar dikhti hai. Bol bhi di GD mein. Ab toh iska selection pakka hai."

"One minute remaining" - It was announced.

I was so busy observing and noting down the proceedings that I hadn't put forward my point.
I don't know why nothing came to my mind. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I saw my mom and finally I uttered.
"The best thing in life is my mother's hug."
"I love my mother and nothing gives me more happiness than her hug. It surely is the best thing in my life."

"Time's up. The results will be up within half an hour."

I took my parchment and silently walked out of the GD room.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fountainhead

If you have the passion for pure creation,
and the urge to drive the wheel of mankind ahead,
they say :
you are arrogant,
you are not listening to the masses,
you are an egotist.

But these so called second-handers do not realise that one man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress!

The Fountainhead revolves around this idea and is divided into four parts based on its four primary characters, unfolding them in great detail:
>Peter Keating
>Ellsworth Mokoton Toohey
>Gail Wynand
>Howard Roark

From the very beginning it is quite evident that Toohey and Roark are in a conflict. Toohey, a highly influential person believes in driving the masses in any direction he deems fit. He idolises Keating, a mediocre architect, as the face of modern architecture so as to stop Roark, the real face. Soon this egoistic battle enters the courtroom and you witness one of the most remarkable dialogues. An urealistic tale, yet so realistic.

A must read if you think :
you are a creator,
you are an innovator,
you are the fountainhead of human progress.  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Love, Strategy & Antaragni - The Dance

An exotic white designer kurta; jeans; leather boots and tonnes of deodorant, 
still I was missing something. 
I glanced at my shadow in the mirror and it clicked me immediately.

"Bose darwaza khol! Urgent hai." - I started banging my wingey's door.
Hurriedly he opened the door with dopey eyes. "Kya hua Mato?"
"Yaar tere paas hair gel hai."
"Bas gel ke liye darwaza inte jor se peet raha tha! Nahi hai mere paas. Maggu ke paas hoga dekh."
He banged his door shut and resumed his lazy afternoon siesta.

A few doorsteps later.
"Maggu! Maggu! Tere paas gel hai."
Someone shouted from the other side - "Nahi hai."
"Abey darwaza toh khol."
"Abhi nahi kholenge. Busy hai. Assignment kar rahe hai. Mattu ke paas dekh."

I entered Mattu's room. Located Set-Wet. And started applying it on my hair.
"Itna sajh dhaj ke kahan chala Mato?"
"Yaar aaj MUN ka delegate dance hai."

"What's MUN?"
"Well basically it is a simulation of the United Nations where the participants deal with current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Each participant represents a nation in a session of a committee of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Participants research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems."
"In short funda pelna hota hai." - I added.

"Hmm.. What's your country?"

"What's the capital of Turkey?"

Sarcastically he started rolling-on-floor-laughing.
"What happened?"

"The delegate of Turkey doesn't even know that Ankara is the capital of his country. Doob maro."
"Abey competition ki kisko padi hai. Baat ko samjho .. Law School ki bandiya .. bandiya patane ki nayi strategy hai."
"Saala Thurkey Turkey!"
"Chal Bye"

I reached LHC Foyer, the location of the delegate dance. 
Participants had already started pouring in.
Hot chicks, cool guys - So this is how the law crowd appears.
A few moments later familiar dilapidated people joined me.
"Hi Mato" -  Shubham, Gujjar and Bagadiya all three of them cried synchronously.

Neeraj plugged in the speakers and suddenly transformed from a coordinator into a DJ.
We danced like hooligans. Waving our hands randomly. Resorting to Punjabi style when we had no moves in our mind. Who cares afterall its Antaragni.

Suddenly my eyes fell on her.
She wore Blue Velvet, 
Bluer than velvet was the night.
Sparkling Brown Eyes,
And a mesmerising smile.

She was standing a few feets away from the dance floor.
"Oye Mato usko dance ke liye invite kar." - Shubham suggested.
"Nahi yaar. Kahin ched-chad ke maamle mein kantaap maar di toh."
"Bhai dekh yeh tera aakhiri Antaragni hai. Agle saal toh tum placement preparation karega. Yehi last chance hai. Dance pe chance maar de."
"Abey tension ho raha hai .. Mere se nahi hoga."
"Toh chullu bhar paani mein doob maro. Tum bond aadmi ho. Tum nahi himmat karoge toh kaun karega. Poore mech department ki dua tumhaare saath hai."
"Thik hai."

I gathered the little courage I had inside me and moved outside the dance floor.
"Hello," she said softly.
I looked back at Shubham, who was beaming right now.
"You are the delegate of .. ," my voice faded out.
"Iraq, General Assembly" 
"Woh toh bagal mein hai!"
"I mean I'm the delegate Turkey. We're neighbours." 
She smiled. It looked as if finally I had struck a chord.
"How are the foreign relations between Iraq and Turkey?" -she enquired.
I shrugged my shoulders slightly and then I asserted - 
"We'll have ample time in the next two days to discuss our countries foreign policy."
I paused for a few seconds. 
Meanwhile, Neeraj changed the track to 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom'.
"Would you like to join me on the dance floor?"

to be continued...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Love, Strategy & Antaragni - Prologue

Prof. Ramkumar entered L9.
A handful of students populated the classroom.

"Hey guys where are your friends?"
"Sir .... "

"Oh I forgot. Antaragni will start in just a few hours. Your friends might be busy with it."

What he said was so true.
Rajat was busy with hospitality,
Kashif with security,
Kaithal with informals,
Yasho with Photography,
Saxena practicing dance,
And my dear friend Subhojit was busy doing, 
what he does best - relishing a nice afternoon nap in his room, because he knew it very well that he won't be able to find peace once his chick arrives within a couple of hours.

He continued with the lesson on Sheet Metal Forming.
After forty minutes.
"Ok guys, I'll let you off early today. Enjoy Antaragni."

He started erasing the board-work. 
By the time he had finished, and he turned, 
the room was already deserted.

Next : Love, Strategy & Antaragni - The Dance

Mottos of various IITs

Hindi - 2
Sanskrit - 9

कर्म ही पूजा है
Work Is Worship

IIT Bombay
ज्ञानं परमं ध्येयम्
Knowledge is the Supreme Goal

IIT Guwahati
ज्ञान ही शक्ति है
Knowledge Is Power

IIT Indore
ज्ञानम् सर्वजनहिताय
Knowledge is for the well-being of everyone

IIT Kanpur
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
Lead me from darkness to light

IIT Kharagpur
योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्
Excellence in work is (true) yoga.

IIT Madras
सिद्धिर्भवति कर्मजा
Effort Yields Success

IIT Patna
विद्यार्थी लभते विद्याम
One who aspires wisdom, attains it.

IIT Jodhpur
त्वं ज्ञानमयो विज्ञानमयो असि
You are the entire knowledge and science

IIT Roorkee
श्रमं विना न किमपि साध्यम्
Nothing Is Possible Without Hard Work

IIT Ropar
धीयो यो नः प्रचोदयात
Guide In The Right Direction

IIT Delhi, IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Mandi do not have any official motto.