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Today, he is a God. 4000 years ago, he was just a man.

Previously : A man whom legend turned into a God !

Well Bose and I couldn't resist getting the sequel to The Immortals of Meluha. The first book ended abruptly in midst of a battle which was a clever strategy deployed by the author. But this sequel was worth a shot.
The  Shiva Trilogy 2: The Secret of The Nagas came with a expanded map of India showing us the territory of the "evil" Nagas.

Rarely one comes across a sequel better than its predecessor. And this book can be surely counted as one of them. Every line of the book catapaults into opening a new secret.
Generally a book opens up with the author thanking his family and friends. This one opened up in a similar manner The lines were so few, but they sunk deep inside my heart ..

Unlucky are those who search the seven
seas for paradise
Fortunate are those who experience the only heaven
that truly exists, the heaven that lives in the company
of our loved ones
I am truly fortunate

Apart from the main story-line of Shiva finding and destroying the Nagas. This book also had some small parallel stories which were equally interesting. Notable one was that of Princess Anandmayi trying hard to win over General Parvateshwar who had taken a vow of brahmacharya , an open-ended word of honour that can never be broken.
The description of the gates of kingdom Branga [conjugate of Brahmaputra and Ganga] was nothing less than a fine example of an engineering marvel.
The arrival of Ganesh and Kali left me speechless.
Their character portrayal was simply way ahead for an Indian author.
But what moved me the most was the very small story in 'The Curse of Honour'. The story was that of Parshuram which definitely reminded me of the honour killings rooted in our society.
Hats off to Amish for this one !

Some of the awesome lines in this book were ..
"I know this is not entirely right. But sometimes, the only way to prevent a grave wrong is to commit a small wrong." - Parvateshwar [A Small Wrong?]
"It's true that Gods don't give all abilities to one person. You truly are your own worst enemy." - Naga Queen [What is Your Karma]
"Gold means nothing. We have tonnes of it back home. It still cannot buy us out of our suffering. Nothing is more important than life. Nothing. You realise the simplicity of that point only when you confront death everyday." - Divodas [Even a mountain can fall]
"Lord Rudra said judge a person by his karma, not his appearance." - Athithigva [The Mystery of the Eastern Palaces]

Few excerpts from the book are ...
"How does it work? How is it that I can hear your thoughts?"
"Its a simple science really. The science of radio waves. Just like light, which helps you to see, there are radio waves to help you hear. While all humans can easily use the properties of light to see, most don't know how to use radio waves to hear. We are dependent on sound waves to hear. Sound waves travel much slower through air and for much shorter distances. Radio waves travel far and fast, just like light"
- Birth Pangs [Pg110]

Truth doesn't ask for belief. It just exists. Let me hear what you think. There is god in every single one of us. What is the obvious corollary?
There is evil in every single one of us.
Exactly, there is god in every single one of us. And there is evil in every single one of us. The true battle between good and evil is fought within.
Birth Pangs [Pg112]

The hump caused by the injury restricted Uttanka's right arm's movements.
"You will not be able to battle a taller man."
"I will die before retreating, My Lord," said Uttanka.
"I have no use for soldiers who die. I need soldiers who will kill and live."
- The Mating Dance [Pg127]

You were my world, my God, my creator,
And yet, you abandoned me.
I didn't seek you, you called me,
And yet, you abandoned me.
I honoured you, lived by your rules, coloured myself in your colours,
And yet, you abandoned me.
You hurt me, you deserted me, you failed in your duties,
And yet, I am the monster.
- What is Your Karma [Pg146]

And my favourite line is...
“The opposite of love is not hate, its apathy, when u simply don't bother about that person!”

The next book in the series is expected to release this December.
Hoping for an epic ending !

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