Monday, June 11, 2012

Sometimes you are simply too late ...

It was a cold night. 
I was sitting in a waiting room. 
My train was 3 hours late.

Time and again I was opening my backpack, taking out something, holding it for a few minutes and then putting it back inside.
"Hi, aap kahan ja rahe ho ?"
Suddenly I turned right and saw a girl sitting beside me. She looked familiar.
"I'm Ritika. I attended your lecture a few months back."
"Yah I remember. That was what I was wondering. I saw you there." [I lied with a broad smile] 
"If you don't mind, can I borrow that book?"
That thing was still in my hand.
"Yah sure."
"How's the book? Have you read it?" - she asked.
"I don't know. I haven't read it." - I sighed.
I shrugged my shoulders.

The book was intact. I had not even turned a single page.
There was something scribbled inside the cover page. She looked at it.

Thankx for making the lib software buddy !!!
from Subhojit
Secy, Hall 5 RR
There was a seal below this text which read Hall 5 Reading Room. 

She was puzzled trying to figure out the crypt.
"Well, its a gift for a dear friend of mine. She once told me that she wanted to read this book. I promised her that I'll get it for her. I couldn't get it online and even searched the entire city but couldn't get a copy back then."
"Oh.." she continued, "Wow, she'll be so happy when you will gift it to her."
"Yup. The day I got it, I asked her if she still wants to read this book. Hoping to give her a surprise."
"And what was her reply.. bataiye toh ?" - I could see the excitement in her eyes.
"Someone already gifted her a copy."
"I was simply too late ... "


  1. Hmm random quote -

    "Sometimes we spent a long time looking at a closed door that we don't see another door opening"

  2. Kal Ho Na Ho ka "6 din ladki in" idea yaad hai... Its seems that you are much much better than that. You have a book and by not giving it to anyone tum 'ladki in' ka darwaza khol dete ho....aap bakait hai


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