Friday, December 23, 2011


#written 18-12-2011

I set my foot on the sandy beach,
Nervous coz i was just a novice; 
It was then I first saw her,
The one who took my breath away;
Her mesmerizing beauty, 
I couldn't understand; 
There she was - The woman of my dreams,
A sight I couldn't believe.
Her eyes, captured in my mental pic,
And hair smoother than silk.
My words couldn't describe her
The angel, my eyes had never before seen.

The trumpet blew ,the race began
Swiftly left the shore as fast as I can
Suddenly I was hit by the waves
All hopes lost as there was no escape
Eyelids closed, I was lost in this abyss
But there was someone waiting,
So I didn't quit.

Cycling race was soon to begin 
The day was beautiful and i knew exactly where i was heading! 
Down the lane and across the valley, 
I biked with full spirit.
The day was mine, I was miles ahead,
But fate, my dear , had other plans ,
I Stumbled, I fell, I remounted my bike,  
And silently crossed the finishing line ..

Final day had set in,
I entered the stadium packed to brim
And I saw her standing silent and still.
she neva looked at me, but I, I could feel,
I was still in love with her, in love with her, indeed.
Soon there was a bang and race began,
She was smiling, cheering,
And amazing she looked in her white hat,
I ran in full spirit overtaking as many as i can 
The final lap and there she was , 
Standing waiting for me with spread hands
I sprinted , crossed the line ,
Embraced her with a whole hearted smile, 
I lost the race ,still, nothing else I had wanted in my life.

Let others cheer the winning man, 
There's one I hold worth while;
It is he who does the best he can, 
Then loses with a smile!

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