Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life is a Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot Set
# Takneek 2010
# Written for competition - Science Meets Poetry [ 2nd Runners Up :-) ]

Life is not so simple and plain ,
So i’ll take help of the complex plane.
With the domain having its edges fixed,
Doesn’t our timeline also has a limit ?

Iterating each point on this very plane ,
Some points vanish and some escape ;
But there are few points stubborn enough ,
Who continue to circle around and say that the iteration is not enough.
They depict the problems which we face in our lives ,
Some vanish , some grow and some with which we compromise.

Fill some colour to this fractal array and see,
The beauty comparable to daughters of Eve.
Life is not pale, my dear,
The diversity and colour surely gives us a reason to cheer.

Still our Soul is just like a sailing boat,
Travelling endlessly on the never-ending borderline of Mandelbrot.

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