Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Internship Hunt - Act I Scene I [HUL : Incitement]

Previously : Prologue

"Are you ready yet!"
"Bas ho gaya" - shouted back Rajat.
"Jaldi karo! Only 10 minutes left! The Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) will start."
Rajat came out, all dressed in formals like everyone else. We were all excited and tensed up. Companies have finally started knocking at our doors. No clue what will happen today, we started walking towards the Lecture Hall Complex where the Talk was scheduled.
Nearly every person of mechanical and chemical departments had applied for this company. Obviously who wouldn't, as this was the highest paid industrial internship offered in our respective departments.
Half an hour passed, L1 was almost full with young engineers. Each and everyone carried a tensed forehead.
I closed my eyes and went back in time. In this very lecture hall my 3rd semester Electrical Professor used to throw chalks at me for dozing off in his class. He used to boast that he was good at the game of cricket and had a good aim. But he had absolutely no idea who he was dealing with. It was just an ordinary day when...

The moment was right,
A chalk, gripped in between his fingers, 
He was about to throw with all his might.
Just when it was about to attain its velocity,
And get into its trajectory.
I opened my eyelids, 
Gave him a smile,
Frozen he stood,
And victory was mine. 

"Hello , Everyone !" a HR official of the company entered intervening my thought process. I looked at my watch it was already an hour late. Five others accompanied him (including 1 female who looked like an iitian .. u get what I mean .. ehhh).
Surrounding me were many new faces who barely attend classes. They had a strange look on their face (woh kya kehte hai hindi mein .. sab ki phati padhi thi).
The HR gave us a quick presentation in form of a video. It was well tailored covering the incentives the company gave rather than showing us the nature of work. The session was over after a couple of questions asked by some enthusiasts, who were trying their best to get some recognition before the GD.
Soon they announced the shortlisted candidates for the GD/PI. I saw many disappointed faces discussing that CPI criteria is totally unfair to judge someone's ability. I barely bothered.
I was happy I made it through and was very excited. It was just a beginning and it felt good.

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