Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Internship Hunt - Epilogue [The Dark (K)night Rises]

Previously  : Act II Scene III [ITC : My First Interview]

It is my last day in the office.
If you read my previous posts, you might be wondering this guy went mad a few months back and started blabbering on this blog taking out his sheer frustration after being rejected time and again.
Even I think so.
There is a point after which this cut throat competition takes its toll. But the hard fact is that many of us have the same feelings. Some of my friends even ran out of slang cursing the corporate world for being biased, pervert, and what not.

Right now I am sitting in my office admiring the codes I developed for one of the best non-linear finite element package.
Things ended up quite well after all.
A strange realisation has just dawned maybe it's time I take things to the next level.
Time to look at life with a broader perspective.

But, right now all that is going in my mind is what Batman said in the The Dark Knight -
"Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded."

Oops, I forgot to book a ticket for "The Dark Knight Rises".
Koi nahi, I'll watch "Cocktail" instead ;-) .

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